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Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Emerging from the Shadows, Wilmington Ecosystem Org NEW Moves Beyond Comfort Zone on 6th Birthday

Six years ago, a new entrepreneur support org was formed with something to prove with very few resources. I created a gathering of friends...

Television docuseries ‘Start Up’ will put Wilmington entrepreneurs in the spotlight this fall

The Emmy Award-nominated docuseries, Start Up, highlights the struggles and victories of entrepreneurs across the United States. In its upcoming ninth season, it will focus...

Congrats to Tru Colors Brewing on HUGE investment from Molson Coors – Forbes Magazine

Yes, George Taylor and the team at Tru Colors Brewing are at it again. https://www.forbes.com/sites/taranurin/2021/04/14/molson-coors-buys-its-sixth-craft-brewery/?sh=fde7b942c168 My favorite part of the article .... “Is this the Forbes that...

Tough Love for the Entrepreneurs Can Hack the Complacent Startup Ecosystem

The startup ecosystem is a living and growing organism that most cities are trying to add to their modern economic development strategy for job...

One of Wilmington’s success stories, Lapetus Solutions is growing international sales to Asia

You may remember recently seeing Dr. Karl Ricanek of Lapetus Solutions speaking at the virtual 1 Million Cups Wilmington. He mentioned that Lapetus Solutions was...


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A strong entrepreneur support organization is focused on serving the needs of the entrepreneurs through educational events around sales and marketing, aligning mentor options, communications through curating a frequent newsletter and preparing the companies to attract capital with investor pitch training. Additional training is often required around the pursuit of local and federal grants.

What people are saying

This was a really good event with lots of solid advice from some great entrepreneurs. I do urge everyone to keep coming back. Jim is making these events better and better as the months go by.

Bill Warner


From the mountains to the sea, Jim Roberts has connected me with leaders and mentors across the wide variety of professions my business encompasses.

Steve Klem

Founder, Cape Fear Gear

Jim Roberts has been a tremendous catalyst to the startup community in Wilmington, NC. through his tireless efforts connecting individuals, startups, entrepreneurs, and existing businesses.

Edward Hall

CEO - Petrics

Latest News

THREE Wilmington startups chosen for largest investor conference in the SOUTH

After we pushed our members to apply through our newsletter, Wilmington had the most applications of any city outside of Raleigh / Durham for...

UNBELIEVABLY positive coverage of Wilmington entrepreneur ecosystem from Atlanta media

Thanks to the great people at Hypepotamus from Atlanta for accepting my invitation to write a story about our entrepreneur ecosystem in Wilmington NC And...

The Most Underrated Tech Cities

There are many factors that make a city underrated. And chances are that most of those factors are good reasons for you to move...

Who Is The Next Big Startup In Wilmington?

In working with entrepreneurs throughout North Carolina over the last 20 years, I have always heard about the FOMO of angel investors and venture capitalists described like this….

NEW Receives Ecosystem Grant To Start Entrepreneurship Program

Network for Entrepreneurs in Wilmington has won a grant from NC IDEA to support a new program for local startups and entrepreneurs. NC IDEA announced on...

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