I saw an amazing presenter at DigSouth conference, Heather Hansen, author of the Elegant Warrior Book and podcast. https://heatherhansenpresents.com/books-by-heather-hansen/the-elegant-warrior/

And within 12 hours, she agreed to be on 3 Sips of Advice and she is MOVING to North Carolina within a few months for work.

In her book and podcast, she discusses the 5 Cs of Advocacy and her famous quote – “Facts Tell, Stories Sell but Advocacy WINS.” The 5 C’s are listed below the link to podcast.

Heather is an accomplished lawyer who discusses advocating for her clients https://www.linkedin.com/in/heather-hansen-84243512/

Thanks to Adam Shay CPA and NC IDEA engage grant and to Dante at Impactworks for the tech help.

Here is the link to 3 Sips of Advice video podcast


Here are the 5 C’s

Advocate > Communicate through the 5 C’s

  • Connection
  • Compassion
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Credibility leads to confidence in your advocacy.

This was part of my DigSouth conference summary – https://910mg.biz/if-2020-is-the-shit-show-let-it-be-the-fertilizer-for-growth-and-other-highlights-of-dig-south-event/