Hello and welcome to another episode of 3 Sips of Advice short form video podcast.

Please welcome past NEW event speaker at Ironclad Brewery – Larry Long Jr. , Sales Leader at TeamWorks

Here is the video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85iUCESwtQY

And thanks to sponsors Adam Shay CPA and NC IDEA Engage Grant.

And yes, I know how cynical Wilmington is.

So to be clear and transparent, I had already asked Larry to speak on the podcast on May 22nd.

The TRAGEDY in Minneapolis happened on May 25th.

Either way, I am proud of my friend Larry Long Jr. and he does a hell of a job on this podcast and has an insight on how “fertilizer” plays a role in Sales.

If you want to learn more about Larry, please watch this “Keep it REAL” video and connect with him on LinkedIn. (Posted with his permission.)


And GO TERPS !!!!!



(….and go Gators.)